About Outdoor Space Accents

Where do you go to escape? To relax, to be at the home away from home feel that helps you relax.  A place to entertain family and friends. Almost every home and apartment has a yard, balcony, deck, or patio to create that outdoor space and accent it to make it awesomely yours!

Who are we?

We are an average family trying to expand our living space by way of our patio and backyard. After the 2020 events many people have started wanting to expand their outdoor space as well.

My wife and I, I being the guy who assembles repairs and grills, and my wife (Kim) is more the idea person, the thought behind the décor.  My hidden job is to keep the price down on everything.

Our back yard is for our family and friends as well because Kim, enjoys having the occasional event.  With her they are not really get togethers…they are more like events.

So who is Will?


My name is Will, I am an Electro-mechanical Engineer, business owner and your average homeowner. I presented above, I am married and have 3 kids and some grandchildren started too.

I know that trying to save money and improve your outdoor living space is a daunting challenge. Some items are just not the same quality, and other items are overpriced for their quality.

My machine design experience brings an understanding to what should be quality and what can be made more affordable.

At First

Kim and I had started trying to fix up our house, well it is our old house now.  We were trying to fix up the outdoors on a budget, and we started getting there too over time, but we decided to move in 2020. Now, we have a new house and location to expand our space and accent it to make it ours.

So, this site is about the journey and effort to establish what I know and what I have learnt in a manner that you can understand it and “hopefully” not have to go through the same things of trying to get to the bottom of which is best, how does that compare, which holds up better over time.

What I do Here

This web site and the help of friends, family and professional guys I work with help me research the best outdoor heaters and other outdoor enhancements for any home. This site covers How to, and reviews on the best outdoor heaters to extend your time, furniture to last and make your time more comfortable, deck & patio storage because let’s face it, were humans, we will run out of space, shade & sun, and all gear for all your outside deck patio and garden needs.

So who is Kim?

My name is Kim, I worked in medical billing until I became a Cancer Survivor. Since then I watch the grand kids and home school them.  I am married to Will (the guy above) and we have 3 kids and 3 grand children with marriage.

I enjoy having get togethers and cooking and presenting for them. It creates that moment of making someone feel special.

New Venture

With the new house we purchased and knowing what sticks out in my eye as nice or enjoyable I have found that just going off of on site reviews is not the best way to go.  So, I get Will involved on the idea of it what I am thinking and together we make something enjoyable.

Reason Why We focused on Our Outside Space

Our goal was to extend our time throughout the colder temperatures during the Pennsylvania fall and winter. Plus get more out of the space in Summer.  However, the information I was looking for such as specs and comparisons of heaters was far and few between. Luckily, I have had years of experience in designing and repairing equipment that allowed me to be able to create my own reviews and pinpoint critical errors to help others in maybe the same need as myself.

Further, having an engineering background makes it maybe a little more simple to convert things into the same or even useful quantitative units.

Since I Will, do not know everything, I do work with local professionals as well to expand my knowledge base where we can create a competent base of knowledge to get to the bottom of what is needed, and what information could be useful and to try and compare each product.

I will add more info and some pictures of everyone that helps along the way. I hope to see you around the website. If you have any question for me you can ask me here.  If you need to start anywhere I recommend starting  at How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Patio Heater?

Thank you!