AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater Review

AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater Review -

If you have a beautiful patio, deck or a garden, you probably love hanging out there. It might be your sanctuary  where you sit to collect your thoughts or you may love to get together with family and friends, holding BBQ’s, cook outs, and parties.

If that’s the case, then colder weather cuts your enjoyable time and forces you in, away from your outdoor sanctuary or your favorite hang out space. This patio heater is built and designed specifically to make your outdoor time in chilly seasons comfortable and cozy. So, find out what our conclusions are to see if the AmazonBasics is right for you.

Quick Overview

Can feel it 9ft away, covers 18ft diameter at 46,000BTUs
Nice color choices, Piezo igniter
simplistic and elegant, tank storage cover can drop
usually available less than other brands
Pretty straight forward for the average person
Based on a full 20lb propane tank


Our Likes & Dislikes

  • Powder finish for durability and rust-resistance
  • Safety tip-over shut off valve
  • Piezo ignition for quick start-up
  • Propane fueled for an easy heat source
  • Base reservoir for improved steadiness
  • 46,000 BTUs of energy
  • Not suitable for high winds
  • The colors can appear Slightly different


AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Although the AmazonBasics outdoor patio heater is stated as a commercial patio heater, this sturdy heater is great for home use too. Commercial-grade could be considered an added advantage.

It’s a propane-fueled heater that can be placed anywhere outdoors, be it a hard-top gazebo, a patio, deck or a garden.

This heavy-duty outdoor patio is perfect to keep the cold chill at bay, letting you enjoy your time in your outdoor space without feeling chilly or uncomfortable. It could be just a place to warm up or set it up to help heat usable areas.

The heater comes with a range of features and safety options to make it a safe and convenient means to stay outdoors longer, well, if you’re like me that is, being away from the cooped up inside and still feel warm.

This AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater review helps you to discover everything about this outdoor heater and will help you make a decision that is best for you.

Who Benefits Using This Patio Heater?

Home Owners and Small Restaurants

This outdoor patio heater is a cost-effective way to heat up an outdoor space even during  winter months, dependent upon your location.

If you need your patio, garden, gazebo, or deck area kept warm and toasty all-year-round, then investing in a outdoor patio heater may be the best decision you would ever make!  So, let’s dig a little deeper…


The AmazonBasics commercial-grade heater comes with a wide variety of features that make it easy to light and change out tanks in a safe manor.

Piezo Ignition

Lighting up a heater requires a bit of practice. Based on the AmazonBasic commercial- grade outdoor heater features a Piezo ignition that instantly lights up the heater. No stumbling with matches or lighter.

It is simple to do, hit the ignition button. As soon as the button is depressed, the heat will blaze through the vents of the outdoor patio heater. There is a control knob that sits above the ignition switch that lets you control the heat settings from HIGH to LOW, about 46K BTU on high.

NOTE: It does take longer to light when new, or replacing a tank out.

Propane Heating and 46,000 BTUs

The heater is run by a propane gas tank that you must buy separately.  A typical 20lb tank is designed to fit (The normal gas grill size).  For more information on a 20lb propane tank, check out this unit on Amazon by Flame King.

This patio heater comes with a tank cover that can easily be propped up to make it simple and easy for you to access and hook up the propane tank. The 46,000 BTUs of heat radiation put off by the heater when on high can be felt up to 18 feet in diameter or in a 9 foot radius.

Easy Mobility

The heater comes with wheels that make it easy for you to move it around.  Moving it out onto a deck or patio is easy as well to bring it closer or further away to gathering areas.

Further, it is easy to move it back and forth from storage. It is a one person job with the attached wheels.

Safety Shut-off Valve

Since the heater is meant for outdoor use, there is always a chance of a sudden strong wind or other inclement weather conditions. Or possible horseplay gets out of hand, that could knock the heater over.

For this reason, a safety feature is built in the heater that shuts off the gas if an extreme tilt is detected.  Testing seemed to show 15-20 degree tilt from perpendicular.

Counter Weight

There is a reservoir where you can fill the base with water or sand to give it weight and a lower the center of gravity. The base is not heavy enough to keep the stand in place even in medium wind conditions. But it can be corrected with the simple fix of adding some sand or water.

See our recommended counter weight article to help you choose which is right for you.  Click Here to check it out!

Noiseless Heating

When this heater is on, there is no sound of hissing flames or smoke from this heater. If you want to enjoy a quiet evening outside, this heater is a good choice to keep your space warm and cozy.

Powder Coat Finish or Stainless

When the heater is running for a long time, there is a risk that the heat will damage the paint or finish and allow rust to start. The AmazonBasics heater comes with sturdy powder coating that is baked on. There is also a stainless option.  To check out all the color choices and the stainless heater on Amazon you can click right here.


If you have a small outdoor space or patio that is quite compact, then you can opt for the FDW outdoor patio heater as it offers adequate heating power of 41,000 BTUs that covers an area of up to a 10 foot in diameter or 5 foot radius. This makes it more energy-efficient and more cost-effective for long heat times over larger BTU heaters.


Want to stay warm and toasty and extend your living space even in the colder fall, winter and spring nights? Seeking an affordable and reliable outdoor heater to fulfill those needs? If so, then the AmazonBasics commercial grade outdoor patio & deck heater is certainly one to consider as it will allow you to extend full use of your outdoor space maybe even all year-round.


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