Fire Sense Patio Heater Review-Hammertone Bronze

Fire Sense Patio Heater Review -

When the cold winds start to blow, it’s time to wrap yourself in layers of clothing and sit in front of the fireplace. But what about those outdoor parties you love so much?

With a Fire Sense Patio heater, your outdoor living space will no longer suffer at the hands of cold weather as you can continue to enjoy being outdoors all year round.

Can feel it 9ft away, covers 18ft diameter at 46,000BTUs (250 sq ft at the ground, 64 sq ft at table height)
Attractive hammer tone bronze, blends with most settings. (other colors available)
simplistic and elegant, tank storage uses a door, all stainless top4 stars
Typically higher than other bronze options, other Fire Sense colors range in price dependent on stock we think3 stars
Pretty straight forward for the average person3.5 stars
Based on a full 20lb propane tank about 9 hours on high (depending on how many lights)

Don’t forget to check the other colors available in the Fire Sense brand Patio Heater.  The pricing seems to change a lot depending on the color of choice.  Click Here

Bring on those outdoor winter parties with the Fire Sense Patio Heater. Have an outdoor winter BBQ or enjoy a comfortable evening relaxing outdoors in comfort and warmth.

This outdoor heater comes packed with numerous features for your convenience. Check out this Fire Sense Patio Heater Review to learn everything there is to know about this fantastic outdoor heater.

What's Good & What's Bad

  • Sports a sturdy design
  • Available in different colors to suit your outdoor ambiance
  • Produces a lot of heat
  • Easy to setup
  • Turns on and off with just the press of a button
  • Too tall to use under small structures
  • Height of the heater is non-adjustable
  • The post can rust if not covered properly


Fire Sense Patio Heater

The Fire Sense Patio Heater makes it possible for you to spend quality time outdoors with your friends and family; enjoying the fresh winter air and staying warm even on the chilliest of evenings.

Stay warm and toasty throughout the chilly winter months with this innovatively designed patio heater.

Who is This Patio Heater Best for?

This patio heater is ideal for those who love spending time in the outdoor spaces of their residence whether it be on their patio, deck, gazebo, veranda, etc. It is also a great heating solution for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy camping and RV holidays.

The heater sports an innovative design to match the outdoor ambiance of any home while occupying minimal space. It is also portable and easy to move where needed. The heater offers an unobtrusive outdoor heat source and has plenty of warming power.


The Fire Sense Patio Heater is an easy to use and portable outdoor heater that can offer multiple purposes for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a range of features for your outdoor activities and sports a sturdy design for high durability and robust outdoor stability.

Effective and Easy to Use

The Fire Sense Outdoor Patio heater offers effective performance to keep you warm while you are enjoying the fresh air in chilly seasons.

The heater comes with a Piezo ignition system that turns on with just the press of a button. The heater comes with a knob that helps you control the heat. You simply have to dial it down or up for an optimum heat level of your preference.


The robust outdoor heater comes with 46,000 BTUs of power, enough to keep you warm all day long without running out. The heat comes as a sunbeam of a hot sunny day.

If placed in the middle of the patio, even the farthest seat (about 7 feet away) can receive the warmth and enjoy the heat without feeling cold.

Classy and Sturdy Design

The Fire Sense Outdoor Patio Heater sports a classic look of that outdoor heater that you see in restaurant patios. The stylish heater has a sturdy cylindrical base, a long post, and a screened top with flamers inside.

A metal disc stips atop the post to reflect the heat downward. The heater is designed to be used around children and pets, with the heat source about 7 feet above the ground.

Safety Features

The Fire Sense Patio Heater also comes with a few security features, specific to high wind areas.

If you live in an area where winds are too high and strong, the heater comes with holes in the base that can be used to thread a cable and tether it with a post or anchor.

The heater also features an auto-shutoff tilt valve that activates if it topples over due to high wind.

How to Install Fire Sense Patio Heater

The Fire Sense Patio Heater comes with all the nuts, bolts and screws necessary for the setup. The box also includes a little wrench that you’ll need to screw the nuts.

The instructions on the box are clear and simple to understand. The total assembly time, according to the manual, is around 60 minutes.

Make sure you have an extra pair of hands with you when bolting the heat reflector to the head assembly since the steady placement of the reflector requires slight tilting of the heater.


Despite the safety features added in the heater for areas with strong winds, the heater does not offer an option to increase weight in order to keep it firmly on the ground even in extreme winter conditions.

The AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater is a good alternative, especially if you live in a windy area and want a patio heater. This commercial patio heater offers a reservoir at the base to add sand or water to prevent the heater from tipping over when faced with high winds.


If you live in an area that gets chilly during winters making it uncomfortable for you to spend time out by your patio or deck, then investing in a Fire Sense Patio heater for your outdoor space might just be the best decision you ever make!

The heater offers ample warmth to keep you relaxed and cozy as if you were sitting under the sun.

Simply place the heater on your patio or deck and stay outdoors for as long as you want without feeling cold or uncomfortable.


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