Hiland HLDS01-WCGT Propane Patio Heater Review

Hiland HLDS01-WCGT Propane Patio Heater Review - outdoorspaceaccents.com

Patio heaters used to be expensive! Thanks to increased competition, prices have dropped substantially and now you can afford this warm luxury at an affordable price for your own home.

The Hiland HLDS01-WCGT is a propane-powered portable outdoor heater that is tailor-made for patios and outdoor settings. No matter where you decide to head out, this outdoor heater will ensure sufficient warmth and comfort.

Quick Overview

Can feel it 9.5ft away, covers 19ft diameter at 48,000BTUs
Has a added drink table
simplistic and elegant, tank storage door is safer on fingers
decent prices for a brand name
not good, not bad
Based on a full 20lb propane tank about 9 hours

However, is the Hiland HLDS01-WCGT propane patio heater the right outdoor heater for you? To find out check out below on our detailed Hiland HLDS01-WCGT Propane Patio Heater Review!


The Good & The Bad

  • Powerful outdoor heating power
  • 1-year warranty and CSA approved
  • It comes at a great price
  • Portable and Elegant design
  • The higher BTU means propane tanks get about 9 hours on high
  • Igniting it can be tricky at first

Hiland HLDS01-WCGT Propane Patio Heater

If you are an outdoorsy person and love spending time in the fresh air relaxing on your patio, having a portable heater just makes sense! That way you can enjoy more time by making an earlier spring and extending into the fall, maybe even winter dependent on your location.  Being outside and doing the things you love while still being warm and comfortable.

The Hiland HLDS01-WCGT propane patio heater is designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to use. The sleek design also takes little room and the amazing price makes this patio heater an absolute steal.

Powered using a 20-pound propane tank (the typical gas grill size), this outdoor heater can warm up an area about 18 feet in diameter (9 foot radius). Making it the centerpiece of all outdoor parties in colder temperatures.

The 48,000 BTUs of heating power is plenty for an outdoor setting. The heater also offers a beautiful bronze finish that compliments and accents many patio, deck, garden, or backyard setting.

The wheels attached at the bottom make it easy to move around, wider than other brands, makes them less apt to sink or get stuck as well.  Other practical features such as an adjustable drink table make it ergonomically designed for sitting or standing and thus, makes this one of the best heaters around for the price.

Who is This Patio Heater Meant for?

Anybody, wanting to extend use time of their outdoor space. If you are an outdoorsy person or party thrower and love spending time relaxing out on your patio, having a portable heater just makes sense. That way you can enjoy more time outside doing the things you love while still being warm and comfortable.

If you are like me, I like the neutral bronze color that allows it to blend with most outdoor settings and environments.  The beer shelf, or I mean drink shelf creates a logical hangout area that increases your use time to 9 months or even 12 months of the year.


Wheels for Easy Mobility

Having an outdoor heater without wheels makes it extremely difficult and even dangerous to move around. This Hiland heater has two wheels attached at the bottom that make moving it around simple and easy.

One person can easily move the heater around to the crowd, but I like the wider wheels to make it a one person job for storing .

Propane Powered

The Hiland is powered using a 20 lb. propane tank (the normal gas grill size). A new tank can heat for 9 hours on high.

The access door design makes replacing propane canisters easy and safe (no covers coming down on cold knuckles…ouch).  Just simple and easy, and safe change out procedure.

48,000 BTUs of Heating Power

The powerful 48,000 BTU heater can easily warm up an outdoor space of up to 18 feet in diameter (that is a 9 foot radius).

As a note, the toasty area is about 10 to 12 feet in diameter.  That is about 78 square feet of space.

Practical and Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design takes up very little space even though the Hiland is 87 inches tall. The adjustable drinks table is also an excellent practical feature that adds comfort and convenience.  So guest can sit or stand underneath and utilize the adjustable table.

The 33″ aluminum dome sheet at the top also ensures better distribution of heat. Designed to deflect and disperse the radiant heat for even comfort.

Weight Bladder

The weight bladder allows you to add sand or water to increase the weight of the unit for better stability for those windy days.

We recommend sand so there are no “oops” days, when the temperature falls below freezing and expands and distorts, or cracks the bladder chamber.

Helpful Hint: You can use washer fluid, or RV antifreeze mixed in water to allow for freezing temps.

(Because it is a pain to try and fill the bladder with sand)


If the Hiland is out of stock, or you are unsure about this brand, we also liked the heater FDW Patio Heater might be a better option. Not only is the heater more affordable but it is also a little slimmer than other models while being 88.6 inches tall.

The variable control valve makes it easy to control the temperature, making this an affordable solution for heating outdoor spaces. It also is the same bronze color as the reviewed Hiland and with 47,000 BTU output on high has close to the same heat time…a little over 9 hours.


This Hiland HLDS01-WCG is an amazing choice for anyone seeking to buy a long-lasting and practical outdoor patio, deck, garden, or outdoor space heater. Innovative features such as the adjustable drink tray and access door design make for a comfortable and convenient experience.

Did we mention it was affordable? You bet we did! Of course price is relative to your wallet, however at this price you will be hard pressed to find a better outdoor heater.

The only downside to owning a propane-powered heater is the need to constantly change propane tanks, especially if you intend on using the heater regularly during the winter.

The tanks can be a hassle , and also may not be the most cost-effective heating strategy. In such a case, you might be better off choosing an electric powered heater for better energy efficiency and cost savings depending on your areas KW hour cost.

To learn more about our electrical outdoor patio, deck, and garden outdoor heater picks, check out this article Best Electric Patio Heater Top 5 Review

To learn more about the difference between electric or propane powered patio heaters, click here.


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