Can A Patio Umbrella Stand by Itself Without A Table

Sometimes we get tired of the sun shining in our faces the whole time while enjoying a bit of time on our deck and patios. To be more comfortable, we decide to put an umbrella up to provide shade. It can be a difficult choice sometimes. Must we have a table to fit and support this umbrella?

What if we don’t want to spend money on a table or there is not enough space for a table? This begs the question: can a patio umbrella stand without a table?

A patio umbrella can stand without a table. There are two ways in which you can secure your umbrella: with a table and an umbrella base or with an umbrella stand only. An umbrella stand does not require a table to stabilize and support your umbrella. However, bigger stands are heavier and provide their support.

Umbrella SizeBase WeightStand Weight
6ft (1.8m) or Less20-29lbs (9-13kg)50-69lbs (22-27kg)
6ft - 7.5ft (1.8 - 2.3m)30-39lbs (13-18kg)70-89lbs (32-36kg)
7.5ft - 10ft (2.3-3m)40-50lbs (18-23kg)90-110lbs (41-50kg)
10ft (3m) or BiggerNot Recommended120lbs (54kg) plus

So if an umbrella can stand without the aid of a table, how does it accomplish this? What are the different manners in which you can support your umbrella to stand up straight? How will your umbrella’s size impact your decision on what you should use to support it, and what other factors are there to consider? We explore all this below! Plus our stand pick link at the bottom!

Can A Patio Umbrella Stand Without A Table?

To determine whether or not a patio umbrella requires a table to stand, we simply have to look at all the various bases for these types of umbrellas. If we see that some bases are not tables with holes in them, we will have our answer.

So let us look at some of the bases that patio umbrellas commonly use and what makes them stand up straight without falling over.

A quick note to make is that people often confuse an umbrella base with an umbrella stand. The difference is simple:

  • An umbrella base is technically used with a table. The base is placed underneath the table with the umbrella fixed through the table and put into the base.
  • An umbrella stand is a heavier and free-standing object in which you fix or mount your umbrella.

Now that we have that terminology out of the way, we can see that two types of supports keep umbrellas standing up – one requiring a table, the other not.

It is straightforward to determine that your patio umbrella does NOT need a table to stand. Sometimes, you can use a table with a base to mount your umbrella. Sometimes you can use a standalone stand with no other support to hold your umbrella up.

If you are going to use a table, you do not require a hefty base because it helps keep the umbrella stable and keep it from blowing in all directions. An umbrella base can weigh up to 50lbs and usually does not weigh over that amount.

If you are not going to use a table, you will require an umbrella stand. Umbrella stands are usually much heavier and bigger than umbrella bases. The stand must keep the umbrella rooted and stable without support from any other objects.

Thus, in this case, you do not require a table to help your umbrella stand up straight. If you do not use a table, the support you will use will merely be a bit larger. A bit heavier – you will go from using a table and an umbrella base to using an umbrella stand by itself.

Simple Rule of Thumb Determination for an Umbrella Stand or Base

  • A stand typically supports 12” (30cm) or more of the umbrella pole.
  • A base is usually less than the 12” (30cm) dimension.

Weight is the next big factor regarding the differences. Let’s go over the weight aspect now.

Recommended Base And Stand Weights For Different Umbrellas

Now that we know that you can either use a table with an umbrella base or just an umbrella stand, what are the recommended weights of the bases or stands for the different sizes of umbrellas?

Umbrellas Fixed Through Tables And Fixed To Umbrella Bases

  • If your umbrella is 6ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 20-29lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 7.5ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 30-39lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 9-13ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 40+ lbs. Some maintain that if you start getting to the 11ft mark that 50+ lbs might be required, and even more for larger patio umbrellas.

Umbrellas Fixed Into Standalone Umbrella Stands

  • If your umbrella is 6ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 50-69lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 7.5ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 70-89lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 9-10ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 90+ lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 11-13ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 120+ lbs.

A side note: you can, of course, use an umbrella base of the correct weight as a substitute for an umbrella stand for a given umbrella size, provided that the weights of the umbrella stands and umbrella bases correspondingly match.

However, be careful and fully consider the base itself. It should be large enough and cover enough area (footprint) if you decide to use it as a substitute for a stand. This might require a bit of trial and error.

The stand footprint area is usually more significant as well as heavier. The bigger footprint helps keep the umbrella from tipping.

A great rule of thumb is to have a stand that is at least 25-30% the umbrella’s size.

For example, we want a 10ft (3m) umbrella, so our stand should be 30″ to least 36″ or 3ft (0.9m). Also, according to the above info, it should weigh around 90lbs (40kg)

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Umbrella Stand

If you do not want to use a table in conjunction with an umbrella base to make the umbrella stand up straight, there are a couple of factors to consider when choosing your umbrella stand.

1. How Heavy Must The Umbrella Stand Be?

This has already been discussed above. The general rule of thumb you can use is 10X the diameter in feet. The larger your patio umbrella, the heavier your umbrella stand must be.

2. Can The Patio Umbrella’s Pole Fit Into The Base?

Before you choose your patio umbrella’s stand, you must know exactly the center pole’s diameter. The sleeve of an umbrella stand must be slightly bigger than your patio umbrella’s pole, yet it should not be too big.

At Least 1/16 to 1/8 inches (1.5 to 3mm) bigger with a tightening capability, also, preferably with a broad compression area on the end of the tightening knobs.

3. Must The Patio Umbrella’s Stand Be Mounted Or Not?

Depending on what you use your patio umbrella for, where you locate it, and how large it is, you might prefer to have your umbrella stand mounted. If your umbrella stand is mounted, it will provide a lot of support and stability, regardless of the canopy size.

The umbrella stand can be mounted in one of two ways:

  • In-ground: This is ideal if you have a larger patio umbrella requiring a lot of support and you do not wish to move the mount anywhere. An in-ground mount is permanently fixed, and, thus, they require installation in a concrete footing.
  • Surface mount: This is ideal if you have a huge patio umbrella or if your patio umbrella is subject to a lot of wind resistance. These mounts are only temporary (or, rather, semi-permanent). This is ideal if you wish to have both a great amount of support for your patio umbrella and the option of moving the mount at a later day (like next year).
prior to pavers

4. Will You Be Required To Add Any Weight To The Umbrella Stand?

Depending on the umbrella stand that you chose, you might have to add additional weight to it. Some umbrella stands are only empty shells, while others are pre-filled or metal.

The idea behind an empty shell stand is that it is much less expensive. Still, to weigh the necessary weight required to support your patio umbrella, you must fill it with the appropriate substance (this can be gravel, sand, or concrete).

A pre-filled umbrella stand is a much more convenient option in that no filling is required. Still, it costs more than empty shell umbrella stands, and it costs more to ship them due to their heavier weight.

Wind and Your Patio Umbrella

Wind can be very nasty to your umbrella. It is best to store it down and tied and or covered when not in use. Learn more about what wind speed your umbrella may withstand, check out this article: How Much Wind Can Your Umbrella Take


In conclusion, if you do not have space on your deck or patio for a table, you can support your umbrella, do not worry! You do not need a table before you can make sure that your umbrella is completely supported.

You can either buy a table with a cheaper umbrella base, or you can just buy an umbrella stand itself. This stand will ensure that your umbrella is fixed tightly and secured in place and will not fall over. It costs a bit more than a base, and it is heavier to provide the additional support (which it must make up for the absence of a table).

Also, make sure that you make sure that before you decide which option to take, consider all other factors, especially your umbrella’s size! Now that you have enough information go and buy that umbrella you’ve always wanted and save yourself the costs of purchasing an additional table!

See our favorite umbrella stand. We like it because it is versatile. If your umbrella is smaller, you can use it as a planter. If it is a larger size umbrella, you can still use and have a decorative rock display. It allows for your creative and decorative touch.

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